Why it makes sense to top up your oil tank throughout the year.


Many property owners only fill up the oil tank whenever they need it the most and so this doesn’t make sense because in life, we always put things in place to prepare for the unexpected. We take out life insurance policies to protect our families when we have to leave this earth and we always make sure that we have car insurance in place because we have an accident or the vehicles stolen.

We don’t however put these steps in place when it comes to the heating of homes and the supply of hot water for our kids. You wouldn’t believe the amount of domestic oil tanks in Yeovil that remain empty for the greater part of the year. By making sure that you top up your tank a little bit every single month, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Cheaper oil prices – We never know what’s going to happen around the corner and how one of the few and suppliers could run into problems at any given time that would drive up the price of heating oil. By topping up on a regular basis, you get to take advantage of prices before they go up.
  2. Note air locks – If you are constantly letting your oil tank run low then there is a high possibility that you will run out of oil altogether and the boiler will start sucking air. When this happens you are going to have to pay an engineer to come out to your property and to fix this for you.

These are just two of the reasons why it makes so much sense to be constantly topping up your oil tank throughout the year.