Utilising the Cloud for Greater Smart Home Security


Smart technology has changed the game completely when it comes to home security. From full-on wireless home security systems that are connected to your home Wi-Fi network and the cloud, to smart HD video doorbells, and smart security cameras to be placed around your home, the development is running at an astonishing pace and will soon progress even further with smart keys and locks for your home and other home security products and items. The cloud and cloud storage in particular, have made a big impact on how we can protect our home.

With smart technology and the use of the cloud we now have the ability to protect our home in ways that just were not possible even a short few years ago. A burglar is more likely to be deterred from even attempting to break in to a house these days, as there could be numerous home security products connected to the cloud and utilising smart technology, that are not as easy to spot as some other traditional home security alarm systems and the like – the bulkier security products that we all know.

With smart home security and the power of the cloud behind them, a range of smart home devices that can be used to help secure a property and provide peace of mind to inhabitants when living at home. The best thing about them is that many of the new breed of smart home security products are relatively easy to install and are small. By fully integrating it within the cloud system, you can easily install, manage, and view your home security system at all times, and from any location.

Cloud technology has allowed for the creation of simple, easy-to-use apps that a homeowner can quickly access and manage via his or her smartphone. This means that no matter what type of home security set-up you have, whether you have a smart video doorbell, HD smart cameras, or a fully integrated home alarm system (or all of the above), you’ll have the ability to see live and recorded footage, as well as data and analysis, on your phone wherever you are at the time. This provides ultimate peace of mind should you be at work or away on holiday and worried about your home, or even upstairs in bed when there is a strange noise outside or a knock on the door after dark. If you have children, the elderly, or vulnerable people at home, the cloud-backed smart technology allows you to have greater control over your home security in order to keep those you love safe at all times.

You’ll never miss a beat, with any cameras installed around your property or in your doorbell, immediately recording and storing footage in the cloud. It provides a much greater amount of space to be used to store footage and data, meaning you can check back at certain periods and times, analyse your home security set-up and keep improving – without having to worry about deleting footage to make space.