Unconventional Yet Clever Reasons to Build a Granny Flat


Many people are making the decision to build a Granny flat on their residential property. The usual reason is to provide a place for an elderly loved one to live close to family and is also very economical. But the granny flat has much more hidden potential than you might think. In fact, the reason that a granny flat increases your property value is because there are other things that they can be used for. Ideas you might find very appealing. Here are a few.

  • Home Office: These days the home office is more important than ever before, in fact, many homes now have two home offices. As it stands, renovations and granny flat construction are your two options. But having an office in your home has some downsides. It is not very professional, especially if you have clients. And it is not necessarily going to be quiet or even private. But with a granny flat you can make any kind of office you like, or two offices with separate entrances.
  • Hotel Suite: Sometimes you just got to get out and spend some time by yourself, or with your significant other. It is always great to go to a hotel and relax, away from the kids and the pressures of work. You can have that on your own property. You can make your granny flat to be as luxurious as you wish. Then it can be your private retreat. This will also be great for when you have guests come to visit, because you can let them have their own little get-away for a few days.
  • Mancave: It is nice to have your own place to hang with the boys, watch a little sport and have some light ‘refreshments’. But can you really relax in your house when your buddy’s laughter can shake the walls. How loud can you cheer for sports without waking the baby. But if you are out back in the granny flat, there are no limits. If you feel that this is something that your better half might disapprove of, the solution is to build the space in such a way that she too can entertain her friends there, when she feels like it. Compromises will be made, but both of you will win.

You don’t need a granny to build a granny flat. You can create a separate environment in your own yard, for business or for a getaway, maybe even a schoolhouse for the kids. Whatever the reason, it is an idea that deserves consideration.