Swimming Pool Certification in NSW: What you Need to Know


If you live in New South Wales and are thinking about installing a swimming pool on your property, you will need to prepare the pool area to be inspected by a state-approved pool certification company. The 1992 Swimming Pools Act has been amended a few times and here are some details regarding the state requirements for pool safety.

Inside the Pool Enclosure

You are limited to what you can put inside the pool area, with only the following items permitted:

  • Permanent Shade Structure.
  • Pool Filtration Equipment.
  • Tools for Cleaning the Pool.

The items not permitted inside the pool area include all outdoor furniture, BBQ units, water toys and even washing lines cannot be inside the pool area. The other item that must be installed inside the pool area is a CPR sign that clearly demonstrates how to perform CPR on a drowning person. Once all the preparations have been completed, contact the company that provides pool compliance in Blacktown and make a booking for an inspector to visit your home.

Pool Fencing

The pool fencing needs to be of a minimum height according to the size of the pool and it must be in good condition, with no gaps larger than 100mm. The ideal material for pool fencing is safety glass, as this enables you to see inside the pool area from any nearby location, and with framed or frameless solutions, you can choose an attractive design that complements the property.

Pool Enclosure Gate

The gate must be outward opening, with a self-closing mechanism that closes the gate automatically from any position. The latch must be located at least 1500mm from the ground and hinges must be capped to make them unusable as a climbing aid. The gate must be in good working order and you should never wedge the door open, especially during the pool inspection.

Surrounding Area

The immediate area around the pool enclosure must be free from all objects within a radius of 1200mm from the perimeter fencing, which includes trees, shrubs, rocks or any man-made objects. Any object that could be used to aid a child climbing the pool fence must be removed and when you think all of the above has been covered, search online for a state-approved pool certification provider and ask them to book your pool inspection.

In the event the pool is not compliant with state regulations, the inspector will issue you with a non-compliance certificate and you have limited time to make the alterations and have the pool retested.