Knowing Garden Pests And Weeds: Protect Your Precious Plants!


As a homeowner, you are probably considering outdoor gardening as your weekend hobby. Planting outdoors ensures that plants get adequate rain, soil and sun exposure, but this also means that your garden will be susceptible to insects and weeds. Garden Pests can damage plants sooner than you expect, and it is best to keep an eye on the possible signs. In this post, we are sharing basic details about garden pests and weed.

  • Aphids. Aphids can be seen in many colors, including yellow and black, and are very common. In small numbers, you don’t really need to worry about these insects, but if the infestation is extreme, plants will wither and there can be a problem of mold growth. In term of solutions, you can choose to introduce aphid predators or can opt for pruning. Ladybugs are good predators for aphids.

  • Grasshoppers eat a lot, and that’s the biggest threat for any garden owner. Even with limited infestation, your garden can be ruined in no time. Grasshoppers are easy to find, because they are bigger in size. If you have a huge garden, consider keeping a gap between grass and your plantation area. There are also pesticides available.
  • Snails and slugs. In damp regions, you may find snails and slugs, which are not exactly insects but they can chew holes in your vegetation. If you have too many stones in your garden, you may want to remove them, while trapping is also a popular solution.
  • Having weeds in your garden can be a huge disaster, because these unwanted plants will take up the soil resources and impact the growth of your plants. There are varied kinds of weeds to check for, such as dandelions and bindweed. Prevention is the best way forward, and you have to keep an eye on weed seeds.

There are many dedicated blogs on how you can get rid of garden pests and weeds, and you can take a cue or two from other experts. Gardening has to be done in the right way, and one of the foremost steps is to ensure enough spacing between plants. It is also a wise idea to review and check for soil conditioners, which reduce the cost of additives. If you want to get rid of garden pests and weeds, keep an eye on the plantation area and check for possible signs of infestation. Opting for weed cleaning once in a while is also a good idea.

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