Insulation with Minerals


When looking for insulation products there is most likely one goal in mind, energy efficiency, let’s face it, that is the biggest day to day benefit of insulation. Energy efficiency means saving money so it’s no surprise that it should be the biggest driving force, there are some other things to consider though of which this article will aim to address.

What else is there to think about?

Quite a lot as it happens, although the original aim with insulation was to either help keep you cool when it is hot or keep you nice and snug if the weather is cold outside, through trial and error much better products have been developed offering much more in terms of practicality. Sad fact, but usually things like safety and potential dangers used to be found out when something went wrong, for example, using a flammable material might not have seemed like a problem if you want to maintain a liveable temperature indoors.


That is, of course, until there is a fire and historically there have been some monumental fires that have caused deaths and unthinkable amounts of damage in the process, as such for some time now development of ultra-safe, heat resistant materials has been of top priority. There are roof insulation Rockwool (known as ฉนวนหลังคา rockwool in Thai) products on the market that offer superb, if not the best heat resistance, providing an extra level of security to your home or workplace, without combustion a fire cannot travel from one room to the next as quickly as it once could.

Damage prevention

Without the right kind of insulation and ventilation in our properties they can be prone to holding in things like condensation or steam, which can cause some real issues in places like bathrooms and kitchens. Insulation such as stone wool insulation are really effective at allowing vapour to pass through it whilst maintaining its energy efficiency properties.


If you have ever had fibreglass insulation in somewhere like your attic or loft and have dared to venture up into the space in cold weather you may have seen condensation sitting on top of the insulation, eventually this can cause damage. If you look for a product that has waterproof capabilities, especially in somewhere like your roof, it can be a massive bonus moving forward.

If safety and the opportunity to reduce energy bills as well as reduce potential maintenance in your property are important then replacement, insulation is worth a look, if you are building a property then it should be an easy choice to make.