How to Get Help in Leicester for Your Damp Patches


If you own a home in Leicester, and it has already passed the initial 2-year warranty, then the chances are, you are going to be responsible for the upkeep, including wear and tear. Damp is something that is common in new builds, but for an older property, it could be a little more to worry about than, simply letting things dry out.

Black spots, or patches

By the time you’ve noticed black spots or patches the damp has already been there a while, what you are seeing are likely mold spoors, which can take some time to appear. Prior to that, the area in question will have just been damp however, because it’s been left untreated the damp has turned to mold.

Causes and solutions

Until you have the area inspected, then it’s anyone’s guess as to what has caused the damp in the first place. It could be something as minor as a slow leak that’s gone unnoticed, or it could be damp coming in from outside, in which case you’ll need to search for damp proofing in Leicester. During the build process a damp proof course (DPC) should have been laid before any concrete, or any other kind of materials were applied, unfortunately, sometimes they fail in some way.

What is a DPC?

A DPC is essentially a waterproof lining, its purpose is to stop any low-level water ingress coming into your property. Yours has probably done a very good job for a long time, however, it may be in need of professional assistance, without an inspection though, you probably won’t know where to start.