Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs: Things To Know!


Knowing that you have bed bugs at home can be a serious concern. Most people don’t realize the importance of extermination, until a point when the infestation is at the peak. You may wake up with bite marks on your body, especially because bed bugs are more active between midnight and early morning. There are varied known ways of getting rid of punaise (bed bugs), but experts agree that heat treatment is the most effective one. Here’s more on the process and related aspects.

Why consider heat treatment?

Conventional means used for exterminating bed bugs are not always effective, because these insects spread really quick, and long before you know, your entire house is affected. This is not to undermine the use of pesticides and other treatments, but with such options, there is always a chance of re-infestation. As you spend time and again on these treatments, you end up spending more, and yet, the problem of bed bugs doesn’t resolve. In case of heat treatment, the entire house or infested rooms are exposed to heat, which helps in killing the bed bugs.

How does it work?

When you call a company for bed bug extermination using heat treatment, they will come with the necessary tools and equipment, which will be used for heating the room. The temperature is raised to as much as 140F, which kills all bed bugs right away. You can be assured that bed bugs are not hiding in the furniture or elsewhere.

Why consider professional help?

While you can rent or buy equipment for killing bed bugs via heat treatment, it only makes sense to hire professionals, both economically and otherwise. You can rely on the professionals of the company for assistance, and once the insects have died, they will ensure that the house is cleaned and all areas of the house is checked, often with help of canines, to prevent re-infestation. The costs depend on the extent of infestation, but you can expect to pay a fixed price per room in most cases, which is still not a bad idea considering the repeated costs of conventional methods of extermination. Also, it is never a good thing to handle chemicals or use DIY techniques for removing bed bugs, because that can be risky for everyone inhabiting the house.

Check online now to find more on bed bugs and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions before hiring a company for heat treatment.