Five Common Myths Surrounding Composite Decking


If you are in the market for a new deck, you need to look for the right material for the job. Every option available has its own pros and cons and people vary in what they prefer. Before, there were few decking options people could choose from. Composite decking has been the strong competitor of wood decking in recent years. Composite decking is made using the finest manufacturing technology. However, since its inception, much has changed and myths continue to persist. Whether or not you prefer to use FSC Lumber or composite decking, you will want to know the common myths that surround composite decking. They include the following:

It is a Very Expensive Decking Option

Composite decking used to have a luxury price tag but the technology used in making composite decking has greatly improved which has significantly brought the price down. These days, prices for entry-level composite decking are now in the same ballpark as conventional wood.

It Does not Require Maintenance

Although composite decking requires much less maintenance than traditional wood, it needs to be maintained. This includes spraying down the deck with a hose. Just like wood, composite decks can get dirty. To keep your composite deck looking brand new, clean it with soap and water every few months.

It is not Easy to Install

Contemporary composite decking is usually quite simple to install for somebody who is familiar with deck installation. Because of the way the boards are attached in composite decking, it is even easier to install than wood. Today, you can order custom cuts for any part of your composite deck. However, older composite decks required that every screw was pre-drilled.

Its Original Beauty can Quickly Disappear

Modern composite decks showcase a shell system that prevents flaws such as scratches, stains, and fade. They have been engineered to stand up to decades of harsh weather, constant foot traffic, and sun. Reputable providers of composite decking can provide up to 25 years of warranty for their products to protect them from fading, warp, and staining.

It Has a Singular Look

Although composite decks two decades ago can have a singular look, modern composites are available in a variety of colors that help mimic different kinds of wood. Also, their trademark lines are available in unique grain patterns. You can match a composite deck to the style of your house and its wood structures.