Envisioning a New Look for a Dallas Home With Contemporary Iron Doors


Dallas is a metropolitan city that’s burgeoning with people and has a cultural influence all over the Lone Star State. Sadly, the residential architecture and design of Dallas’s homes leave something to be desired in 2021.

In my eyes, the best way to quickly modernize any home is to add new doors to it. Adding contemporary iron doors to Dallas homes can modernize both the design and the functionality of a property. So, let’s start looking at all the different types of doors that I know will add character to your property!

Combine Symmetry With Strength

Contemporary design is often about balance, symmetry, and neutralization. Contemporary doors can look different, but one of my favorite options in contemporary iron doors for Dallas houses is an iron entry door that has strong, thick pickets and minimal glass squares to accent the look.

I envision a door that utilizes traditional square panels or cutouts with perhaps a curved arch to spice things up — but retains a Victorian strength because of the emphasis on iron. This works brilliantly for Dallas homes that have both traditional and contemporary designs because it adds the coolness of iron to a classic design.

As Slim As It Gets

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who loves to take the strength that iron offers and push that to its maximum potential with slim pickets and frames, you’re not on the wrong path either. Subtle iron frames and pickets allow more light into the house and take attention away from the doorways.

I love slim modern iron doors because they let other aspects of the design shine and make your home look like it came straight from Architectural Digest. Streamlining your doors and entryways allows you to leave the canvas plain for other elements to take over. After all, your Dallas entry doors are just a gateway —the magic lies inside!

Complete Glass Takeover

Glass doors are my personal favorite. Whether you end up with frosted or Aquatex textured glass or clear Low-E glass — an all-glass door provides a calming feel to whoever’s in the vicinity. All-glass doors exude clarity, calm, and tranquility, which is why a Dallas entry door with a large glass body and a slim iron frame is a brilliant choice!

Glass doors also open up spaces, combining visuals from whatever surrounds the doorway to inside the room. They offer a serene view of your front lawn and porch, which is why these doors never go out of style.

Rustic Styles, Contemporary Package

If you’re a fan of rustic door styles but don’t like the clunky look that wooden doors give a home — look for those designs in iron instead. Dutch and French iron doors, in particular, look amazing with the black metallic shine that iron entry doors provide. A smooth finish repackaging a quaint style will make your home one of a kind.

I especially love the versatility that a Dutch or French door offers. Dutch doors are great for letting the breeze in during cool mornings and evenings, while French doors are best at opening up a space for potlucks and dinners so people can wander in and out easily.

Minimalist Spaces & Doors

Minimalist homes have unique needs when it comes to homes. When you live in the main city area, you may have limited space even with a luxurious townhouse or apartment. The solution to making the most of a minimalist contemporary space is to get doors that don’t take up too much of it.

For example, you should forgogrand double iron doors and get a sleek single iron door as your Dallas front door instead. You should alsoget bi-fold patio iron doors instead of traditional ones to preserve whatever limited space you have behind the house.

Sliding Doors Innovations

The concept of conserving space also brings us to the utility of sliding doors. Sliding doors have undergone so many transformations in the door manufacturing industry that they’re worth considering as a real option for your home. Not only are sliding doors a lot slimmer, but they also have variations that have seamless mechanisms.

Barn doors, for example, are a great way for you to add sliding doors to your home without it looking like a traditional sliding door. This iron door works with a top railing that has a sliding wheel attached. A pocket door is also a viable option, as this door slides into a “pocket” inside the wall instead of in a bracket attached to it.

These options are unorthodoxbut ones that you should definitely consider.

Contemporary Room Dividers

Room dividers aren’t technically doors, but these beauties add wonderful dimensions to your home, especially if it’s an open floor plan. Room dividers can segregate kitchens from dining rooms, library spaces from living rooms, create personalized seating areas, and so much more!

Room dividers are easy to place anywhere, and you don’t even need a doorway to get these installed, which is why I personally love a good iron room divider. Companies like Pinky’s Iron Doors, in particular, make wonder room dividers and iron doors for Dallas, TX, and beyond.

Start assessing your Dallas home’s potential and upgrade it starting today!

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