5 Ways To Get Your Home Summer-Ready 


With summertime comes longer and hotter days, cookouts in the yard, and time spent lounging about and sipping cool drinks on the porch. Before people start to take vacations as things slow down a bit, you may want to get your home ready for all that summer has to offer. Here are 5 tips to help you get your home and garden summertime-ready! 

Irrigation System Or A Sprinkler 

To make sure your yard and garden stay well-watered, install a sprinkler system on the parts that do not often get a lot of rainfall. To do so, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a state-of-the-art irrigation system, you can simply hook up a small sprinkler to your garden hose and move it around as you see fit. If you are a parent, or are retiring soon with grandchildren, you can be sure that your grandkids will love playing in the water on those hot summer afternoons! 

Mosquito Screens For The Cooler Days

If you have the possibility to install mosquito screens on any of the windows in your house, this is a must for those cooler summer days or the crisp summer mornings! Not only will you be able to aerate and freshen up your home but you can get the cool air circulating without having to worry about letting mosquitos in. 

Extra Ice Trays Or Even A Separate Ice Maker

Summertime entertaining is taxing on your freezer’s ice maker. We have all experienced those moments when your guests are over and you are using up the ice faster than the machine can make it. 

To keep you from falling into this same situation again, go ahead and prep some extra ice trays or even get a smaller ice maker to make sure that you are ready for any situation the summer beverages throw your way! 

Plant Your Veggies And Berries Now

Do not wait for the hot days to arrive before planting your vegetable garden. Your plants need time to acclimate to their new home and the soil in which they will grow. You should always plant your veggies and berries before temperatures rise too much. 

Hang Up A Clothesline In Your Garden To Save Energy

Make the hot temperatures work to your advantage this summer by swearing off your dryer and hanging up a clothesline in your backyard. Not only will your laundry dry faster and smell better, but you will save so much energy. There is no need to heat up your dryer (and therefore your house when temperatures are peaking in the 90’s. Just string up something in your yard…both the planet and your energy bill will thank you.