5 Tips For Creating a Cozy Living Space 


Your living space is your own personal sanctuary, and a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease as you unwind at the end of a long day.  Whether you’re living in an assisted living facility, or in an apartment in New York, one thing is for sure, a living space in disarray and full of clutter is hardly inviting. 

The key to making your own personal haven is making your living space cozy. Here are some of the best decoration tips for transforming your living space into one that promotes total relaxation.

Choose The Right Textures

The first thing that many of us think about when the word cozy comes to mind is a soft fuzzy blanket or sweater. If you can manage to add plenty of fuzzy textures to your living space, you’ll create an environment that’s that much more welcoming to relax in. From your carpets to your pillows, choose textures that make you want to cuddle next to a fire and watch a rom-com.


There’s something to be said about dim warm lighting.  After all, bright fluorescent lights are hardly relaxation-inducing. Instead of using overhead lights, consider opting for lamps.  Whether suspended from the ceiling or perched on a table, using lamps instead of overhead lighting means adjusting the brightness as needed creating depth to your living space.  


There’s nothing like a little nature to breathe life into your living space. You can add potted plants or fresh flowers— incorporating natural elements into your home brings charm and coziness. Not only do plants and flowers evoke a sense of comfort, but they can actually improve the oxygen in your house.  Consider adding a plant or fresh flowers to every room to really reap the benefits and coziness.

Minimalist Décor

Minimalism allows you to exist in a space without feeling overwhelmed by everything in it. Instead of filling up space just to fill it up, carefully choose what you decorate your home with. That way, when you look around your house, you’ll truly appreciate your personalized decor. When you look at things you truly enjoy, it will bring a sense of comfort and belonging making you feel even cozier where you live.


There’s a reason why real estate agents often rely on smells to convince buyers to purchase a house. Some old pros even go as far as baking cookies during an open house to create a sense of safety and comfort. The way your house smells will play a significant role in how comfortable you feel in it. 

Consider lighting candles, or even using aromatherapy diffusers to create a relaxing retreat that tickles all the senses. Remember, certain smells may evoke different feelings for different people.  Play around with a few different types and see which one you prefer.